Danielle Asano
over 3 years ago by Sarah Graham

Are you covered for Christmas?

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In many industries the Christmas is the busiest season. As Christmas approaches we all have a million and one things to plan for. But what about your business, have you got everything in place to ensure the festive period runs smoothly?

At this time of year businesses suffer reduced productivity from struggling to keep up with extra demand in products and services, lower staff attendance due to illness, annual leave requests, and adverse weather conditions making it impossible for staff to attend work.

If your business feels the extra pressure, have you thought about hiring a temp worker to lighten the load? Cherry Professional provide temporary staff of all types including people with their own limited companies, day-rate interims and temps paid on an hourly rate through PAYE.

Why hire a temp?

  • Temps are traditionally quick hires who can have an immediate impact on your business.
  • They are quick hires increase staff morale as it means current staff aren't stressed. 
  • Temporary workers with specific skill sets that could be anything from systems knowledge to people management. This extra knowledge or experience can offer a new insight and support for other staff members and have a positive effect on your business
  • Niche interim professionals are a speedy and cost effective solution to a specific problem.
  • Temp workers offer flexibility as they can be hired for the shortest of assignments or time frames.
  • If there is an unexpected gap in your team, a temp ensures it is ‘business as usual’ and there is no loss of productivity.

Please contact us if you need any advice about temporary resource or if you have any recruitment issues you would like us to solve.