Danielle Asano
over 3 years ago by Sarah Graham

What do candidates want?

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Did you know that 57% of UK workers have changed jobs in search of greater job satisfaction? This suggests job security is less of a priority as 22% of workers changing jobs said it was because they did not feel their hard work was appreciated. Clearly, employers need to be aware of this and able to offer engagement and job satisfaction candidates are searching for.

As we are currently in a candidate short market with an average of only 0.4 candidates for each vacancy, we are aware of the challenges in recruiting and the importance of attracting the available candidates.

So, how can you attract the talent you are looking for? When Cherry Professional recruit internally we meet candidates and work to understand their personal motivators and ensure that they are a suitable match what we can offer. For instance, we may offer additional training or study support for someone who is motivated by career progression or offer flexible working to someone motivated by maintaining a work life balance.

Similarly, you can do the same during the interview process with your candidates. Remember, the interview is an opportunity to see if you and the candidate are a suitable fit. Try to establish what is most important to them and what their needs are for staying engaged in work. What is it that drives them, is it career progression, training, rewards and incentives, flexibility, workplace culture…? Can your company meet their needs? This time spent at the beginning will help you to identify and invest in the right talent.

In terms of candidate attraction, we also recommend you put yourself in the shoes of a candidate when writing the advert. If you found your job advert, would it get your attention and offer something of interest to you? There are currently over 32,000 jobs advertised in the East Midlands. How does yours stand out? Be sure to showcase benefits which are possible motivators for candidates, particularly if they set you aside from your competitors. Think about the type of candidate you want to attract and emphasise the aspects you offer which would appeal to them.

As job satisfaction and engagement increases productivity and is strongly related to staff retention in the long term, it is therefore important to consider adopting this to approach to your existing members of staff. These factors can be something different to each person and may change over time and therefore need reassessing at regular reviews if your employee’s priorities change.