Danielle Asano
over 3 years ago by Sarah Graham

Are you geared towards ‘Generation Z’?

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Are any of your employees aged roughly between 18 and 25? If so, they are often referred to as what is called the ‘Generation Z’. As the latest generation to be entering the workplace, employers need to be aware of how these candidates differ when it comes to recruitment in order to attract the best talent.

So, who are Generation Z, and what do we need to know about them? Well, they are people born between 1995 and 2012 and tend to be ambitious, flexible in their approach to work and are characteristic in their upbringing. They are the only generation to have grown up with the internet and are technology minded. They typically go on social media every day and refer to the internet for just about all their needs from communicating with friends, catching up on news, shopping, managing their finances and booking their holidays.

Generation Z are completely comfortable with technology and are therefore naturally suited to learning and adapting to systems and software used in the workplace. Recent research revealed that 88% of businesses believe that Generation Z will have positive impact on their workplace. A further 77% of businesses see the Generation Z skill set of digital communications and multi-tasking as a valuable contributor to helping a company meet their business objectives.

Given their desirable skill set, it is important that employers know how to reach and attract the Generation Z candidate. If prospective employers neglect to embrace the needs of a Generation Z candidate, they run the risk of undermining their ability to compete and benefit from the best talent. Generation Z candidates are most likely to find and apply to job adverts on social media or well-known job boards. They will be interested to know that prospective employers can invest in their development and be at the forefront of technology with continuous investments and changes.

Similar to millennials, they appreciate a flexible work environment which accommodates their needs and allows for a healthy work/life balance. A generation Z employee is not afraid to change roles, so support tailored to their needs will help give job satisfaction as well as make you more desirable among competitors.