Danielle Asano
over 3 years ago by Sarah Graham

Do you have good relationships?

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Could your team’s productivity be improved? Are you looking to increase profits? Of course the answer to these is obviously yes. ‘But how?’ I hear you ask. Well, what is perhaps surprising is that the relationships you have with your employees is possibly one of the biggest contributors for achieving this.

Research by Forbes shows the investment of employee relations and a good employer-employee relationship produce:

  • happier staff,

  • higher levels of engagement, efficiency, productivity,

  • greater respect for management,

  • less conflict in the workplace,

  • greater company loyalty and a willingness to achieve more

In turn findings have shown higher levels of staff retention, greater business growth and an increase in profits. Sounds, like a dream come true, right? So, how can you improve the relationships with your staff?

Connect with your employees
How much do you really know about your employees? Developing your relationships by getting to know more about your employees and their personal motivators will strengthen your relationship with them. Understanding their commitments, will prevent potential issues arising. Employees will appreciate you taking on board their personal needs and will want to work harder for you in return.

Introduce an open relationship
Is your door always open? It is vital your employees feel you are available to support them should they have any problems. By demonstrating that you are approachable and make time for your employee’s means any problems get resolved sooner, are easier to manage and have less financial implications.

As an example, it is reported every year, 1 in 4 people experience a mental health issue which impacts effects the workplace. At Cherry Professional we have 26 employees which means statistically 6 members of staff could be affected each year. A lack of support could have implications for their well-being as well as significant financial costs to the business. Research by the Mental Health Foundation has found that support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year.

Encourage goals
Which members of your team would enjoy learning new skills? By empowering your employees to reach their goals, you are investing in your team as well as strengthening your relationships. Employees passionate about career progression or learning new skills will appreciate the opportunity to invest in themselves.

Top tip: Introduce incentives, training or delegate tasks to help your employee’s progress.

Involve your staff
Including your staff in regular business updates will enable trust as it communicates openness and transparency. An example, of involving your staff might be sending a regular team email to review progress on business goals. The involvement will give your staff a voice and show what they are working towards.

At Cherry professional, our core ethos is ‘relationship led recruitment’. This applies to everyone we work with, including our staff. In fact, one of our core promises is:

‘Our business is built on our people and their relationships; it’s continued success demands that we invest in staff and provide the opportunity for consultants to become stakeholders in the business.’