Danielle Asano
over 3 years ago by Sarah Graham

Are CVs help or a hindrance?

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The Senior Vice President of Marketing at Indeed, Paul D’Arcy has described CVs as serving a ‘terrible disservice’ to job seekers. Would you agree, or do you think CVs a useful tool for helping you recruit?

How much time do you usually spend reading a CV? According to Paul D’Arcy, a CV is briefly glanced at for only a few seconds to establish a candidate’s key details. In addition, he argues that CVs do not demonstrate what a candidate can bring to a role. Can a couple of pieces of paper really tell you how well someone is suited to your team?

Research has also shown that CVs can be counter-productive as a candidate’s name or gender may be subject to an unconscious bias. Imagine ruling out the perfect candidate without even realising! But, you may be asking, what is the alternative? There are many ways to determine whether someone is suitable for your team.

For example, you could consider using psychometric testing, personality tests or cognitive ability tests. Tests such as these are ideal for giving a more detailed profile of the candidate’s traits. It will also provide an objective way to see which candidate has the qualities most suited to your job specification. Of course, we understand that this is not always possible with time constraints – particularly if you have many applicants apply.

This is where you would need a trusted Recruitment Consultancy like Cherry Professional. We meet every candidate we put forward for an interview. We have an impartial team of consultants with a combination of over a 190 years of recruitment experience. We are skilled in taking the time to get to know candidates personally and building a profile to get a full indication of their abilities. This means we know all the details about them, their skills, and experience so we can find the exact talent you are looking for.