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almost 4 years ago by Sarah Graham

Branding and it’s purpose

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<h1> branding and it's purpose </h1>

​It’s been a LONG process to get to this point and we couldn’t be happier to share it with everyone!! Cherry Professional’s refreshed look now demonstrates our development as a business and our growth over the last 10 years. The brand refresh came at a vital time. We wanted to externalise all of our internal messages and to show the world that we know exactly who we are, what we do and why we do it.  

A brand is vital to a company’s success. It is made up of various components such as an organisations positioning, design and communications. These components should be developed to reflect the identity or personality of an organisation as they create an overall impression of the culture and communicate your values. Successful branding differentiates companies from their competitors and also helps to attract and retain new customers.  

How can you use branding to your advantage? 

Stand out from the crowd  

Your brand is important for differentiating your company from competitors by emphasising your key messages and unique offering. A brand that stands out and is memorable is vital in competitive industries and it can be the tipping point when attracting new business. Brands which customers perceive to be different can pay up to 22% more so be aware that your brand can influence the price of your products. Our new brand is purposely very individual to represent our service which is unique, especially in recruitment. We are relationship led in our work and we strive to understand the individual needs of our clients and their specific recruitment needs.  

Justify your positioning  

A well-defined brand has a clear positioning in the marketplace. Your positioning statement is designed to quite simply state what you do and how it benefits your audience. This communicates the compelling reasons people should work with you and you always need to ensure you make the benefits clear.  

Know your mission

Your mission describes your purpose and WHY you exist in your industry. This was revolutionary for us because internally we knew why we exist and why we choose to do recruitment at Cherry Professional and not anywhere else. Defining our mission actually turned out to be one of our most unique statements. This is ‘Empowering our clients to succeed and be happy’.

Your employer branding

This was one of the key reasons we decided to refresh our brand. We have an amazing culture at Cherry Professional (we may be a bit biased) but that culture just wasn’t being communicated effectively to the outside world. That has now definitely changed. Our employer branding has been defined from our positioning, values and mission.

You employer branding needs to be top draw in today’s industry. The employment market is so skills short. When you are hiring you are competing against so many other organisations as there are only 0.4 candidates available for any role advertised. When a candidate see a job vacancy at an organisation, one of the first things they do is research the company. That process inevitably will introduce them to your brand which is the reflection of your organisation. Do you think your current brand is enough to make you different? Do you think it will attract the right talent? Your brand is yours. There shouldn’t be another company that exists that has your ethos, positioning and mission because they should be the features which make you different. Your brand needs emotion, history and feeling to make it believable and to get consumers to buy in. We have some companies we can introduce you to if you need any advice on how to develop your brand!