Melissa  Kilday
almost 4 years ago by Melissa Kilday

5 Ways to deal with the influx in summer holiday requests

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June 21st marks the official start of the UK’s summer 2018 and with the summer months fast approaching I’m sure the holiday request are coming in thick and fast. After working hard all year, often the highlight for many of your employees will be that long awaited holiday, usually falling in June, July, August and September this can be a particularly tricky period when managing annual leave requests.

Full time employees working 5 days per week are entitled to 28 days annual leave per year, part time workers are entitled to the same level of holiday pro rata. With the majority of UK workers requesting their annual leave during the summer it is important to be fair and consistent with all employees. To help keep this busy period under control we have put together 5 handy tips that would be worth implementing in your office.

Top Tips for managing summer holiday requests: 

Holiday Planner – It is a great idea to have a communal holiday schedule in your office /department depending on the size of the organisation. This can be online or a physical planner and should be easily accessible to all employees. Having a shared planner will allow workers to check holiday availability prior to planning their break.

First come, first served – Having a first come, first served policy can eliminate any ill feeling towards colleagues who have requested the same annual leave dates. It will also take the decision away from an individual and show there has been no favouritism.

Minimum time to request holidays - Putting in place a minimum time to request holidays will help in planning for any absent staff and better organise holiday requests in advance. This is particularly useful for employees that need to arrange childcare during those pesky 6 weeks school holidays.

Recruiting temporary workers – Taking on temporary workers during busy periods can be an excellent way of ensuring workload is kept on top of and there is no extra pressure applied to the team. Temporary workers are perfect for relieving added workloads, they can be available at short notice, often able to work short assignments and have a vast skillset based on their varied experience.

Be consistent, fair and transparent – There is nothing worse than putting a holiday request in only for it to come back declined and therefore with clear procedures in place this shouldn’t be the case however in the instance it is, give your employees clear and fair reasons why.