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about 4 years ago by Melissa Kilday

One or more of your employees will quit this year....

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Recent studies have shown that around 4.5 million workers will leave their current roles and are on the lookout for something new this year. 

What does this mean for your business?

Employee retention should always be a priority and looking at how you currently retain staff with continuous improvement will prove to be invaluable. Recruiterbox have published ‘6 Sure–fire ways to improve employee retention’ that we think would be useful:  

‘1. Make sure you are hiring selectively from the beginning. Consider things like diligence, attitude and integrity amongst other things like academic qualification, skills and experience.

2. Pay them right. Keep a tab on industry compensation standards. Structure the bonus and benefits well.

3. Offer flexible work schedules. Ensure employees are well prepared to do what their job requires like travel, late nights, vacations and so on.

4. Provide comfortable work environment and culture. Provide ample training and support new hires till they can manage on their own.

5. Be generous with praise and recognition. Uncover strategies to reward employees when you cannot afford to do it with money. A simple thank you or a well-done note could do wonders!

6. Give a career road map. Specify what they need to do to achieve the next milestone. Never deny acknowledging when someone meets their goal.’ – Recruiterbox

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As we are in the midst of candidate availability in the labour market being at an all-time low and East Midlands businesses struggling to recruit skilled candidates for their roles, news of a hike in resignations should have a positive impact on the number of candidate applications. Don’t let these candidates slip away, make the most of this influx by marketing your business effectively on social media. Attracting candidates through social platforms has become increasingly more popular over recent years and many organisations are having significant success.

With a huge 92% of businesses using social media to recruit, here are our top tips on how to use social platforms to find your next star employee:

  • Post any exciting business news/updates from a company page and ensure your employees ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the posts generating some excitement around your organisation online and attracting new talent to you. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Use a Boolean search on LinkedIn to find profiles matching the skills you are looking for i.e. If you are looking for an Accounts Assistant with AAT qualifications your search would look like this…”Accounts Assistant” AND “AAT”

  • Know what you are looking for before you begin and be patient, the right candidates don’t always come up first time.

  • Think about the variations of job titles you could search for.

  • Keep location in mind, depending on the position you are searching for may depend on the distance candidates are willing to travel.

  • When requesting to connect with someone on LinkedIn you should always send a short message along with that request. They are more likely to accept if you do and is the starting point of communication.

  • Take some time to search for any successful candidates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this will show what their interests are and are their values in line with your organisation?

  • LinkedIn will show you a rundown of the candidate’s experience which should be parallel with the candidates CV, provided they are both up to date.

  • Google searching a candidate’s name and location more often than not will not bring up any concerns but a worthwhile task as it may flag up important questions/information.

For more information on the recent findings that 4.5 million workers will quit this year, take a look at HR Grapevine’s blog here -