Melissa  Kilday
about 4 years ago by Melissa Kilday

Benefits of offering Flexible Working

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It is becoming more and more popular for employers to offer flexible working, in fact the East Midlands has made the most progress on flexi working in recent years, more than any other region in the UK. This benefit is a huge attraction to prospective employees not only those locally but to those further afield who may be looking to relocate. With 67% of workers wishing they were offered flexible working and 30% of workers saying they would choose flexible working over a pay rise, is it time for you to adapt your workforce in order to operate more remotely?

There has been a surge in working parents with Mums and Dads out there eager to get back to work quickly. Without the benefits of working from home or altering hours, business’s across the East Midlands are likely to miss out on talented candidates with young children.  The government are supporting companies and have fought to increase free childcare for working parents with a significant improvement to 30 free hours per week for eligible parents. Working Mums and Dads with flexible working are often found to be highly motivated and appreciative, now more than ever they have more than just themselves to think about with a little one entirely reliant on them; as a result parents are clearly eager to succeed to secure a future for their children.  

Students are also looking for organisations that can support their studying by offering flexible working. Students are often keen to gain work experience that reflects their studies with the additional benefit of a head start in paying off those hefty student loans. Employers have found that hiring students has added fresh enthusiasm to the office with their eagerness to learn and knowledge of modern day technology. Students will work hard to secure a great reference for future employment after graduation or potentially an offer to stay with your organisation. Universities are keen to prepare students for the labour market and are actively encouraging them to seek employment during term time being mindful that they aren’t overworked and their study time isn’t compromised making flexible working essential for their early success.

Other key benefits to offering flexible working:

  • 70% of workers feel that offering flexible working makes a job more attractive to them. This is due to long commutes, missing the rush hour traffic, having a better work / life balance and feeling appreciated and trusted by their employer.

  • Workers may feel more motivated working from home and feel less stressed than spending long days in the office.

  • Reduction in absenteeism and lateness.

  • Your staff will be less likely to look for new opportunities, they will feel valued and, in turn, this will increase retention rates.

If you would like any further information on the benefits of offering flexible working please contact Cherry Professional at our Head Office on 0115 922 2240 to speak with one of our experienced consultants covering the East Midlands market.