Melissa  Kilday
over 4 years ago by Melissa Kilday

Cherry Values

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Today is world values day which got me thinking about Cherry’s internal values and how we keep sight of them so they aren’t just statements we make to our customers but what we truly believe in as a business. On Tuesday this week, the Cherry Management Team sat around a table to remind ourselves of the Cherry Values and then we went onto score ourselves against those values (do we live and breathe them? are we neutral? or do we behave in a manner that goes against our values?). This was part of a six-monthly check to make sure we are still on track (EOS).

It was a 360 feedback session, it was very open and constructive, it allowed us a platform to hold a mirror to ourselves and be totally honest with one another….fair to say it keeps you on your toes and I felt nervous.

I wanted to share with my network one of my core values in the way I lead Cherry Professional and how I live my life.  When conducting day to day business, it can sometimes be easy to lose sight of how important it is to improve yourself no matter what your role within an organisation and arguably, the best way to do that is to own up to and learn from mistakes. That is why the one internal value I want to share is to ‘stand tall, be courageous, have balls, be brave’. In Tuesday’s meeting I felt proud that the entire management team scored highly on this particular value. 

In the world of recruitment (and in life) you need to have honest conversations, give feedback not everyone will want to hear and be proactive in facing up to difficult situations, which is easier said than done. The ability to do this is so important in terms of doing a good job, being sincere, honest and inevitably developing your professional and personal character.

There were 7 values that we scored ourselves against, I was happy that everyone in the room (myself included) had feedback for one another and for themselves. No one is perfect but I can say for certain that every member of the team tries their best, has passion, ‘stands tall, shows courage, has balls, and are brave – even when things are scary!’…..and best of all if/when we go off track it is a safe place to give/receive feedback so one of the team will let us know.