Melissa  Kilday
almost 5 years ago by Melissa Kilday

Employee Engagement

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With work life balance being a hot topic in the media and the theme of many leadership talks, it is important to consider how allowing employees to achieve their desired level of work life balance can positively affect employee engagement.

The statistics on how some employers get this very wrong speak for themselves:

- Research from CV-Library found that over half of workers (53.2%) report that stress is an issue in their current workplace, with nearly two thirds (61.9%) believing that their employer looks down on workers who get stressed.
- The majority of employees (57.4%) believe that their manager does NOT offer support to help them manage stress at work.
- 89% of workers think that being susceptible to stress at work can have an impact on career progression, with over two thirds (67%) believing that this is because stress can negatively affect performance in the workplace.
- 46.9% said that stress can make employees burn out, causing them to take time away from work.

Here at Cherry Professional we work hard, but we believe that encouraging staff to pursue their dreams both personally and professionally is vital for the wellbeing of staff, therefore having a positive effect on staff retention and employee engagement.

A recent example from Cherry Professional Employee Graham Hutchison, highlights that by valuing and listening to employee’s requests, and by being flexible, both organisations and individuals reap the benefits. Graham was the first employee to ever request a sabbatical at Cherry, so we didn’t even have a policy in place to cover this. However, this was quickly overcome, and we were able to offer Graham what he requested:

‘Travelling is something me and my girlfriend have always dreamed of doing, just like many other people I imagine, but never actually thought it would be possible with the demands and commitments of modern day life. When you add to the mix that I work in recruitment, a highly demanding and cut throat industry, it really did feel like something that we would have to settle talking about for the rest of our lives rather than actually getting to do it. Having joined Cherry 2 years ago, I decided to take a chance and float the idea of a sabbatical across to our Managing Directors, Martin and Danielle (expecting a massive pie in my face), and was shocked at how bought into the idea they both were straight away. They understood it was something I wanted to do and were fully supportive, so granted me the time off to see the world. We travelled for 2 months in May / June 2017  across China, the Philippines & Indonesia and it was 100% the most amazing experience of my life. I know it was a tough thing for Cherry to offer, but I was never once made to feel any wrong doing and ever one has been so good in both the run up to travelling and since I have returned. Can’t explain how appreciative I am of Cherry’s values and commitment to their staff and I will always be grateful to them for letting me see the world. ’  

The current thinking is that an improved work-life balance can help all parties – the organisation, the individual and the customer.

“For employers, high stress levels not only impact overall productivity, but can also place organisations in a compromising position, as workers under a great amount of strain are more likely to turn on their heels and look for a better working environment elsewhere. This makes it more important than ever for management teams to take on the responsibility for keeping their staff happy and productive in the workplace and help to alleviate some of the pressures that their employees are facing.”

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library.