about 2 years ago by Melissa Kilday

The Benefits of Temporary Workers

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Have you got plans to hire a temp? For maternity cover, sickness cover, project work, or just to help out over a busy period. We provide temporary staff at all levels from self-employed people with their own limited companies though to day-rate interims or simply temps paid on an hourly rate through PAYE.


But what are the benefits of taking on temporary resource?

Time is critical and temps are traditionally quick hires who hopefully can have an immediate impact on your business. You have the opportunity to conduct working interviews to ensure that personal fit and experience is what you are looking for.

Temporary workers with specific skill sets, for example, specific system and process skills, can have a positive effect on your business, they can come in and deliver a project and then move on.

Niche interim professionals with a unique skill set can offer a speedy and cost effective solution to any problem.

The average time to fill a permanent vacancy is seven weeks, do you need someone right now? A temporary worker can fill a position while you’re hiring the ‘perfect’ permanent employee. If a gap in your team is unforeseen you may well need a temp to ensure its ‘business as usual’ and there is no loss of productivity.

Hiring a temp is a great way to ‘try before you buy’. Remember though, some people choose to be temps for a reason (such as flexibility) and they may turn your offer down.


Please contact us if you need any advice about temporary resource or if you have any recruitment issues you would like us to solve.