Do you have drive and ambition? Want to work in a fast paced and rewarding industry? Well recruitment could be for you! Many of the attributes displayed by the best and most intuitive recruitment consultants are qualities that can be gained and developed in a wide variety of industries or just be natural traits and talents.

Recruitment is not an easy job. It's not for everyone and it certainly isn't an easy ride. It is a very testing but equally rewarding career and it takes someone with resilience and passion to succeed.

We all have to start somewhere and at somepoint even the best recruiters were new into it. At Cherry Professional our consultants come from many different backgrounds. Some from the leisure industry, some from previous sales roles and some straight out of university. For us, it's the raw qualities such as dedication, resilience, drive and passion that make a good recruitment consultant.

Worried you'll be thrown into the deep end? Don't worry, we make sure you have all the knowledge and training you need to succeed! Our internal training programme will teach you everything you need to know about recruitment and the process behind it; you will have the backing of a reputable and respected brand, assistance from one of the best business support teams in the region and a brand new state of the art CRM system. All these factors will contribute to you being a talented and respected Consultant. 
At the end of the day it does come down to your internal values and drive that determine how successful you will be in recruitment. We provide you with EVERYTHING you need to succeed..... The only thing standing in the way of your success is you.

If you have looked through our website and think that you have what it takes to work at Cherry Professional we would be keen to talk to you! Please call or email Danielle Coleman if you think you could be the next addition to the Cherry Team!