It's always competitive in our industry and after having what we can imagine feels like every Rec-2-Rec/Recruitment Manager contact you, we can guess there's not many "over the top" promises you haven't heard of or read. 

If you've arrived here then you're probably a high performing recruiter who wants something else. Maybe you want to be part of a team which values you and what you bring to the table, not just what you bring into the bank. Maybe you feel like you are working every waking hour for what seems like little reward.
Well we can make 2 promises that are not over the top, or over exaggerated.

1. We have a great team from many different backgrounds who value and support one another. So many teams in agencies work against each other, they can under cut one another and if that's the environment you thrive in then Cherry Professional IS NOT for you. We play to win but we do it properly. Everyone at Cherry Professional celebrates each others success. We work as a team because in the end the sum is greater than the parts.

2. As the highest rated agency in the East Midlands, our reputation will serve you well. We work tirelessly to improve our candidates and clients perception of us and we do what we do because we truly care. Our business is growing year on year in terms of head count, turnover and profit, it's an exciting time to join the business.

As part of the team you will receive support from a dedicated Marketing department; you will have help with administration and compliance from our Support Team; and we have recently implemented a state of the art CRM system to free up your time to do what you do best.... recruit. 

If you have looked through our website and think that you have what it takes to be a Recruiter at Cherry Professional we would be keen to talk to you! Please call or email Danielle Coleman if you think you could be the next addition to the Cherry Team!