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Are you an accomplished Marketing Executive/Officer hoping to take the next step on your career ladder? If you are a team player with good leadership qualities, a strategic approach and original ideas then a marketing manager role might be the right move for you! Marketing Managers ensure the smooth running of the marketing team and are the go to person for any marketing queries, they can also be responsible for the creation and execution of a whole marketing function within smaller organisations.

What skills are needed to make a good Marketing Manager?

To be a good Marketing Manager you will be required to maintain all marketing divisions and teams. To be successful Marketing Manager it is essential you are able to prioritise and remain organised and calm under pressure – you will now have a team looking to you for support.

You will need to be a good leader and approachable as your colleagues will rely on your for support in different areas of their role. For this type of position and Marketing Manager will be an excellent communicator assisting with the training of new members of staff and frequent communication between departments, colleagues at all levels within the organisation. Communication is also essential for understanding how to relate your clients in marketing communications and material.

A MM is responsible for defining and allocating marketing spend, for building yearly/quarterly marketing plans whilst documenting and assessing campaigns results to implement changes or different campaigns, so it is vital that you have a fair and analytic approach.

Key responsibilities might also include:

- Managing all marketing for and organisation and oversee activities within the marketing department.
- Developing the marketing strategy in line with company objectives.
- Co-ordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities for effect lead generation/conversion.
- Overseeing the marketing budget.
- Creation and publication of all marketing material in line with marketing plans.
- Planning and implementing promotional campaigns.
- Manage and improve lead generation campaigns.
- Ownership of brand management and corporate identity
- Planning and preparation of online and print marketing campaigns.
- Monitor and report to senior stake holders on effectiveness of marketing communications.
- Working closely with external agencies when various products need any assistance in launching.

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